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   One of the tips presented here is the Youtube channel of big guitar player, arranger, maestro and

mestre Nelson Faria, "Café lá em casa". 


   The  channel  presents  us  with  great  information  and  great musical guests  as Toninho  Horta, Leonardo Amuedo, Fatima Guedes and other icons of Brazilian music.

   If you want to know more about our music and, ver de perto what great musicians and composers think or they lived in the music and in their lives, this is a big help tool.

I hope you enjoy.

Café lá em casa

   Great app Easy Ear Training that is called Relative Pitch.


   A free app where you can train your perception and also train your ear. This application helps the start, where you can train simple intervals as a second, octave and unison, even more advanced as tritone and other wider intervals.


   You can use wherever you are! For you who want to develop their perception, this is of great help.

  The trick now is about this app developed by Fonexsis that is called Bebop Scales.


   This app you have several scales in total of 72, where you can listen to and play along with the metronome thus developing new phrasing for any style and, you can develop in various regions of the arm, because it gives you several typing options.


   Excellent application and, beyond this app to Fonexsis it has many others that are worth taking a look. To the next